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Radiant Light Pyramid | Emotional Strength

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Radiant Light Pyramid | Emotional Strength! This pyramid helps to integrate high-frequency energies into the physical body. It is an ally to help to act to create abundance in life. 


Orgone Energy

Want to feel more comfortable through natural orgone energy? Now is a pivotal time in our world to filter out unwanted energies.

It's time to improve your chakra energy flows. The most natural way is through meditation/prayer. Filtration of your energy flow around you and within you is very key. 

That is why Orgone Energy is a proven way to conduct & filter energies and frequencies through natural resins, sediments, stones, crystals, and many more. This can help anyone who puts their intention behind manifesting their reality. It is not a placebo. It is destiny!

Orgonite is a mixture of fiberglass resin catalyzed with metal shavings, particles, or powders, poured into molds. It is said to attract etheric energy in a similar way to the Reich accumulators. Having an orgonite product in you is like having an energy transformer in your energy field. It will clear stuck or armored energy structures in its energy field.



Onyx is a stone of inner strength, it improves resistance and persistence, enabling one to conduct even difficult and monotonous tasks until completion. Citrino Natural carries a powerful frequency that makes it possible to clean and strengthen the channel of manifestation and personal will. Its purifying properties come from its natural smoky quartz energy, 



Pyrite can be a useful tool to balance polarities and create harmony within the auric field. In body layouts, it should be used on the solar plexus, hands, and basic chakra. This will anchor one's auric field firmly in the body, in proper alignment for the optimal functioning of the spiritual self in the physical world. In meditation, holding a Pyrite can bring an instant of rebalancing and a refreshing burst of energy. 

Spiritual Enlightenment:  The black onyx teaches the proper use of power and how to focus energy on positive strength. It is excellent for those working to develop their telekinetic skills. Natural Citrine is the great more manifest, allowing the channel of manifestation to be purified and to bring divine energy into form through intention and action. 

Emotional Strength: Emotionally neutral. This pyramid and its crystals help to overcome difficulties, maintain the effort in the midst of adversity, and act decisively to solve challenging situations. It helps to overcome feelings of not deserving abundance. Pyrite helps encourages one to overcome fears and act. It can be used to help bring one out of their shell and encourage them to be more dynamic and confident.

Physical Fitness:  The black onyx can be used to help stimulate the connection between the feet and the first chakra. This can be useful for those who suffer from weak legs or who have difficulty in grounding or eliminating waste from the body of excess energy. Natural Citrus improves endurance and physical energy supports the endocrine system and encourages proper metabolism. The sulfur component of Pyrite helps to purify the body of infections and stimulate proper endocrine function. It is excellent for fighting male impotence and infertility.

Affirmation:  I work on all my chosen tasks with a clear focus, discipline, perseverance, and high efficiency.



Materials: Resin, Copper, Brass, Quartz, Pyrite, Citrine, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, and Tiger's Eye

Dimensions: 5.1 inches x 3.1 inches


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Radiant Light Pyramid | Emotional Strength

Radiant Light Pyramid | Emotional Strength

Your Price:
$289.97 $357.97
You Save: $68.00 19%

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Mabel Selah

The order took well over one week to arrive. Otherwise OK. I was gifted a necklace too.

Hattie Averie

Happy with my order

Giovanni Vincent

The tam p arrived as described.

Kingston Jason

In these uncertain times, the service was quick efficient and the delivery from order to receiving was just 3days brilliant

Bryson Sawyer

This is my first time ordering on line on spirit center and my pyramid order came within 4 days, which I thought was excellent.