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Still Waters Pyramid | Inner Journeys

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Still Waters Pyramid | Inner Journeys! This is a pyramid of insight, helping to penetrate paradoxes and contradictions to form a new synthesis of thought. It enhances the mental powers of analysis, intuition, observation, and creativity, and is stimulating to the latent genius within. It facilitates self-discipline, efficiency, organization, and structure in research and other mental activities.


Orgone Energy

Want to feel more comfortable through natural orgone energy? Now is a pivotal time in our world to filter out unwanted energies.

It's time to improve your chakra energy flows. The most natural way is through meditation/prayer. Filtration of your energy flow around you and within you is very key. 

That is why Orgone Energy is a proven way to conduct & filter energies and frequencies through natural resins, sediments, stones, crystals, and many more. This can help anyone who puts their intention behind manifesting their reality. It is not a placebo. It is destiny!

Orgonite is a mixture of fiberglass resin catalyzed with metal shavings, particles, or powders, poured into molds. It is said to attract etheric energy in a similar way to the Reich accumulators. Having an orgonite product in you is like having an energy transformer in your energy field. It will clear stuck or armored energy structures in its energy field.



This is one of the stones of the deep journey. It provides insight into the self and a dispassionate assessment of the motivations, strengths, weaknesses, desires, gifts, and patterns of personal destiny. If one is doing deep meditations or shamanic journeys, Sodalite can be an important ally.

Reinforce Witness Awareness

It can reinforce one's "witness" awareness, making one more able to see and remember the scenes and symbols presented. It brings a kind of stubborn courage within, making one more prone to stand firm during difficulties or painful aspects of his way to the source. It stimulates psychic vision and understanding on many levels, it brings sparkling "hahaha" moments in which one sees the patterns that connect the inner and outer worlds and the events that arise in both places at the same time. 

Spiritual Effect

Sodalite helps one to realize where their path lies. It acts as a "signal" of the personal journey, helping one to become immersed in the experience of spiritual growth, without becoming obsessed with the "magic tricks" that can arise with her awakening. For example, it can open one to mediumistic perception and at the same time prevent one from becoming egoic about their psychic abilities.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Sodalite cultivates detachment from the worries and torments of daily life. It can reduce stress and anxiety by allowing one to see their reality from a more serene and elevated perspective.


Sodalite can be used to help support blood pressure adjustment, decreasing fluid retention, and improving cellular hydration.

Affirmation: My mind is fully awake at all levels and functioning at its highest capacity.


Materials: Resin, Brass, Sodalite, Copper, Rock Quartz
Dimensions: 7.4 inches x 4.7 inches


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Still Waters Pyramid | Inner Journeys

Still Waters Pyramid | Inner Journeys

Your Price:
$459.97 $559.97
You Save: $100.00 18%

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