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Mystic Potion Pyramid | Manifestation & Creativity

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Mystic Potion Pyramid | Manifestation & Creativity! This pyramid carries a powerful frequency that makes it possible to clean and strengthen the channel of manifestation and personal will.


Orgone Energy

Want to feel more comfortable through natural orgone energy? Now is a pivotal time in our world to filter out unwanted energies.

It's time to improve your chakra energy flows. The most natural way is through meditation/prayer. Filtration of your energy flow around you and within you is very key. 

That is why Orgone Energy is a proven way to conduct & filter energies and frequencies through natural resins, sediments, stones, crystals, and many more. This can help anyone who puts their intention behind manifesting their reality. It is not a placebo. It is destiny!


  • Purifying Properties:  Its purifying properties come from its natural smoky quartz energy, combined with the stimulating energy of the Fire element it carries. This crystal stimulates the chakras from the first to the third (basic, sacral, and solar plexus)
  •  Manifestation and Creative Work: These chakras are where the energy becomes physical. They are powerful points in energy systems for manifestation and creative work. These areas have everything to do with our perception of deserving what we want and taking the initiative to create it.
  • Maintain Orientation:  It assists in maintaining orientation when the path presents difficulties, or when obstacles appear.
  • Solve Challenging Situations:  This crystal helps to overcome difficulties, maintaining the effort in the midst of adversity and acting decisively to solve challenging situations.
  • Physical Energy: Natural Citrus improves endurance and physical energy.
  • Metabolism:  This crystal supports the endocrine system and encourages proper metabolism.



Height:  2.3 Inches

Base: 3.9  Inches


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Mystic Potion Pyramid | Manifestation & Creativity

Mystic Potion Pyramid | Manifestation & Creativity

Your Price:
$314.97 $391.97
You Save: $77.00 20%

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Hailey Hughes

Always great service but in order of 3 no. Items 1 no. was not as lovely as i wanted it to be.


It took some days from date of order to even dispatch items, which seems slightly ridiculous. But the quality of the pyramid was very good.

Sebastian Mateo

Very straightforward to order, I received regular updates with shipping process via email.


Really pleased with my order

Gabriella Sadie

Love the pyramids. Ordered 2 but only 1 was in stock after the order was confirmed.