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Tree of Life Pyramid | Tiger's Eye

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The Tree of Lide Pyramid teaches the balance between polarities and the underlying unity behind apparent oppositions. It helps to balance the Physical and the Spiritual and to update the Spirit through worldly tasks.


Orgone Energy

Want to feel more comfortable through natural orgone energy? Now is a pivotal time in our world to filter out unwanted energies.

It's time to improve your chakra energy flows. The most natural way is through meditation/prayer. Filtration of your energy flow around you and within you is very key. 

That is why Orgone Energy is a proven way to conduct & filter energies and frequencies through natural resins, sediments, stones, crystals, and many more. This can help anyone who puts their intention behind manifesting their reality. It is not a placebo. It is destiny!

Orgonite is a mixture of fiberglass resin catalyzed with metal shavings, particles, or powders, poured into molds. It is said to attract etheric energy in a similar way to the Reich accumulators. Having an orgonite product in you is like having an energy transformer in your energy field. It will clear stuck or armored energy structures in its energy field.


Tiger's Eye

Tigre's Eye is a solar stone of vitality, practicality, and Physical action. It stimulates the root chakra and the solar plexus, helping to act affectionately to the needs and challenges of physical life, and to remain grounded, calm, and centered, regardless of external or internal situations

Golden Ray Stone

Like a golden ray stone, the Tiger's Eye can help make contact with the vibrating realm of Christ Consciousness. Meditation with this stone can help enter a state in which one resides as a point of perception within an atmosphere of "warm golden dust", a place permeated by unconditional love and compassion.

Balancing Stone

As it is a balancing stone, it allows one to find the harmonious center between all types of polarities. It helps the one to see the two sides in a disagreement. It is an excellent stone for professional mediators. Those experiencing difficult negotiations, such as divorce or custody issues, are encouraged to take a Tiger's Eye with them.

Emotional Balancing & Harmony

It helps those who tend to go to extremes to find balance in their Emotional lives. It can help to create harmony between people with different points of view, religious beliefs, and approaches to life. It is an excellent ally to bring harmony to families and relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing discord.

Physical Effect

It is a blood fortifier, supporting general vitality. It strengthens the endocrine system and helps bring the person's hormones and biochemistry into balance.

Affirmation: I act with confidence, clarity, balance, sincerity, enthusiasm, and strength.


Tree of Life Meaning  

Represents our personal growth, uniqueness, and individuality within all of the branches and expressions in life. Our branches strengthen throughout our life and grow upwards to the sky. The Tree of Life teaches us to strive for greater truth and wisdom; showing us we are always growing and learning in a new way. 



2.3 Inches x 2.3 Inches

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Tree of Life Pyramid | Tiger's Eye

Tree of Life Pyramid | Tiger's Eye

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I have yet to receive my order so I'll let you know when it arrives.

Ainsley Rylie

Cant complain about the pyramid. However, order was not dispatched until a week after the order was placed. I guessed so though due its lateness.

Dahlia Celeste

The life orgone pyramid arrived as described.

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Brilliant service, very quick and efficient.

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Excellent service with quick delivery.