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EMF & How to Stay Safe

By Jesse James January 23, 2023 0 comments

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a type of energy that are emitted by electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers, as well as by power lines, transformers, and other sources of electrical power. There is ongoing debate and research about the potential dangers of exposure to EMF. 

One concern is that prolonged exposure to EMF may have negative effects on human health. Some studies have suggested that exposure to high levels of EMF may be linked to an increased risk of cancer, while others have not found a consistent association. Additionally, some studies have suggested that EMF exposure may be linked to other health problems such as headaches, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

Another concern is that EMF may have negative effects on the environment, specifically on wildlife and plants. Studies have shown that EMF can affect the behavior and physiology of animals, as well as their reproduction and growth.

It's important to note that most of these studies are observational, meaning they only show association and not causation, and more research is needed to determine the true effects of EMF on human health and the environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other health agencies have stated that currently, there is no conclusive evidence that EMF exposure below recommended limits causes adverse health effects in humans.

As a precautionary measure, some people choose to limit their exposure to EMF by keeping their cell phone away from their body, turning off wireless routers when not in use, and avoiding sleeping near electronic devices. However, it's important to remember that EMF is an ever-present part of our environment and it's not feasible to eliminate all exposure 100%. But, orgonite pyramids can certainly help! 

An orgonite pyramid is a pyramid-shaped device made of a mixture of metal shavings, resin, and crystals. It is said to be able to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and promote positive energy flow in the surrounding area.

Orgonite is a term coined by Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst, who proposed the existence of a universal life force energy called "orgone." He believed that orgone could be harnessed and channeled for healing and other beneficial purposes. Orgonite is said to work by attracting and trapping negative orgone energy, which is then transmuted into positive energy by the presence of metal shavings and crystals within the device.

Orgonite pyramids can help to improve sleep, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Orgonite pyramids also help to neutralize the harmful effects of EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers.

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