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Using Mala Beads for Meditation

By Jarred Whicker October 31, 2022 0 comments

Spiritual meditations are excellent healing methods for the human body. 108 beads are a sacred number in Hindu and Buddhist traditions and most malas are either 108 plus the Guru bead or 21 beads. Mala bracelets can also be used for counting mantras for balancing depending upon the syllables. For instance, the Gayatri mantra, which is an elaboration on OM, is perfect for a dawn ritual repeated 27 times with a quartz crystal or Himalayan Sphatik Mula. Some Malas are crafted from gemstones that match colors of the chakra they are meant to balance or energize, such as red for the heart chakra, yellow for the solar plexus, blue for the throat, green for the third eye, white for the crown, and black for the base chakra. Tibetan Buddhist beads or Buddha prayer beads, Rudraksha beads strangled with carnelian and Agate, Rose Quartz and Jade, Japa Mala beads have been used for centuries. Our favorites are amazonite, tigers eye, and Rudraksha beads for malas. 

Organizing the scattered energy within the atoms of our body, connecting to the ethereal soul, the mala is the symbol of your journey that begins as a grounding tool and slowly turns to the crown chakra where connection and spiritual guidance as a perfume. An inner flame, bright and blinding, and the pure joy of complete acceptance. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand and the practice of yoga directs the energy of the body. Meditation with mala beads connects you to the spiritual universe. Traditional Hindu malas are made with Rudraksha beads associated with Shiva, the lotus seed representing the power of Laxmi, the Bodhi fruit from the Buddha tree, or the rosewood associated with Ganesha. Healing chakra malas are made from precious stones, carrying different energies and colors. Black onyx is the main stone and when used with quartz crystal it represents ying and yang or shiva and shakti. Turquoise, rose quartz or jade connect the heart chakras and emotional stability. Malas are also beautiful jewelry and should always be treated with sacred care as they carry the energy of the wearer.

The mala becomes whatever the wearer wants it to be while channeling your energy through the mantras that flow through the beads and repeat your prayers, hopes and dreams come true. Sit comfortably, relaxed, but with your spine straight, eyes closed, breathe deeply and clear your mind as you express your intention. Call the first mala bead on the first, middle or ring finger of your right hand, each finger connected to different nadis to energize different layers. Hold your finger on the guru bead  and start chanting the mantra as you feel the energy rising in the basal chakra. Go through all the malas until you reach the bead guru. To do the other mantras, turn the mala and go to the other side completing the balance chakra circle, please do not go beyond the bead guru because this is the seat of knowledge.


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