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Orgone Energy - Life Positive

By Jesse James November 14, 2022 0 comments

Orgone energy was originally Wilhelm Reich's term for what he called the "Force", an omnipresent, "Life-Positive" energy he claimed to discover in 1939. Reich often used it as a catch-all term to explain every natural phenomenon that had no conventional explanation as a sort of a God, or Chi, or Life Force. Orgone is attracted to organic substances. Reich extended this idea into psychoanalytic based therapy throughout his career as well. Later in his life, he merged it all together into a general therapy theory called Orgone Therapy.

There were two main divisions: Physical Orgone Therapy and Psychiatric Orgone Therapy. It wasn't unusual for Reich to use both kinds of therapy on the same person. The main function of Orgone is to clean stagnant and negative energy.

Place your Orgonite pyramids in your living spaces; where you work, sleep, eat, and play. Or even wear an orgonite pendent to bring the effects everywhere you go. It will keep your energy clean and healthy. It has been observed that it is most effective when placed within 3 feet of yourself.

Although, it still has measurable effects up to 25 feet away from you, by placing Orgonite devices within three feet of yourself, you'll experience optimal benefits. Orgonite has also become very popular as a healing tool, and as protection against Electromagnetic Pollution (EMF).

As Human Beings, we are open energy systems. Grounding the Earth with the Heavens. This means that we cannot shield ourselves completely from our environment. We are constantly subjected to the energies of our environment. That being said, there is nothing to be afraid of, rather we just need to take known steps to protect our energy. 

At Spirit Center, we've hand crafted many Orgonite items for these very reasons. To keep our bodies and energy fields from external negative energy, while also ridding our energy bodies from stagnation that has build up over time. Premium items offered at Spirit Center will be top quality, they are not cheap to make but we do our best to make them as accessible as possible for you. If price is getting in the way, please send us a message on Instagram (@spiritcenterstore) and we'll send you a promo code to help you. 

With love, 

The Spirit Center Team 

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