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Learning Light Language

By Jesse James February 02, 2023 0 comments

Light language is a term used to describe a form of spiritual communication or expression that is said to transcend words and physicality. It is believed to be a form of energy and vibration that is channeled through the spoken word, sound, gesture, or symbol, with the intention of healing, uplifting, and activating the spiritual consciousness of individuals.

Light language definitely considered as a form of spiritual practice, and some people have learned it through meditation, spiritual workshops, or by connecting with their spirit guides. The ability to use light language is also considered to be innate. As in once we take steps to learn who we truely are, or.. remember who we truely are.. we awaken this expression through self-discovery and spiritual growth practices. 

We've put together some steps someone can take to learn light language! It would depend on your personal beliefs & practices, and in general how you approach different spiritual practices & values. However, here are some suggestions that may be helpful to you if you are interested in learning light language:

    1. Research and study to see what resonates with you: There are many different types of light language, some are channeling light beings while others are speaking in tongues with a more Christian background. It is all the same energy. You can start by learning about the basics of light language, it's history, and it's different forms. Read articles, and online resources to gain a better understanding of the concept to see which type truly resonates with you. 

    2. Connect with like-minded individuals: Consider joining online communities, forums, or groups that discuss light language, or attend workshops and events hosted by practitioners. For starters, you're connected with the Spirit Center community so far :) 

    3. Practice meditation: Meditation is often recommended as a way to increase your connection to the spiritual realm and to help you access your inner wisdom. Often when we truely surrender in wholeness the miraculous happens. Many people who use or speak in light language also had it start to happen to them spontaneously. 

    4. Experiment with sound: Light language is often associated with sound, so try experimenting with different vocal sounds and tones, or with instruments such as singing bowls, drums, or tuning forks. At Spirit Center we have multiple sound bowls available. From quartz crystal to Tibetan bowls. We offer these because they work! Visit the shop, reach out to us on Instagram if you have any questions. 

    5. Journal your experiences: Keeping a journal can help you track your progress and reflect on your experiences as you learn light language.

    6. Orgonite Pyramids: Orgonite pyramids are a type of metaphysical & meditation tool that are believed by some to produce positive energy, balance and clear negativity. Orgonite pyramid help increase one's connection to the spiritual realm, or that it can enhance one's spiritual abilities and help tune in! Many are offered in the shop as well. If you need help choosing the right one for you we are happy to help! 

Learning light language is an epic journey! We're happy you're interested or are on the journey as well.

With love & light,
The Spirit Center Team

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