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3 Easy Spiritual Protection Tricks

By Graham Thomas December 12, 2021 0 comments

It's consistently a smart and safe practice to make sure to profoundly secure yourself. We are more than just physical beings, we are energetic beings as well. Just as we would get a jacket when it is cold out, we may also use these techniques to stay spiritually protected. 

First things first, we've noticed that addictions tend to keep spirits and more dense energy in our field. Some additions are for sure easier to shake than others, but just to consider for yourself if you want to keep spiritual protection as a practice in your life.

If you're hearing voices in or outside of your head that proposal unpleasant, even dangerous thoughts and having unexpected longings that you didn't have before are a few pieces of information to soul connection (which is normal) or soul ownership (which is uncommon). Or if you're just feeling really not yourself, like there is some other energy in or around you. Then these 4 protection tips can be really useful for you. 

You're also encouraged to use them when you're feeling totally okay and normal, as spiritual energetic hygiene. 

3 Psychic and Spiritual Protection Tricks

1. White Light Tornado

Consistently before bed, imagine or feel a tremendous white Light cyclone filling your room, home, and vehicle, removing dim energy, sending it to the Light, and leaving behind an unmistakable, tranquil, and stimulated space (always clockwise).  

2. Pillars of White Light with Crystals 

Picture or feel pillars of white Light with gems in every one of the four corners of your room and home, with white Light dividers associating them. Then, at that point, do likewise for your bed. You can even ask guides (of the Light!), Archangel Michael or Archangel Raphael to stand watch for you. In the wake of doing this for a long time you may really feel the gem and Light hindrance around your bed as extremely mitigating yet empowering and recuperating.

3. White Light Pentagram

Twice every day, visualize a pentagram of white Light under you and around you. Because of the force of your psyche, conviction, and redundancy, this amazing power field will turn out to be genuine. In the least, it will draw in your psyche & brain to assist you with trying not to draw in pessimism.

You have freedom to utilize the above 3 techniques & procedures or produce when ever you would like. We hope as well that this inspires you to create your own strategies. 

Thank you for taking agency in creating spiritual protection and healthy energetic boundaries for yourself.

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