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7 Chakras: What You Need to Know About Chakra Alignment

By Muhammad Husnain Ijaz May 29, 2021 0 comments

The word Chakra is Sanskrit for 'wheel' and is more commonly deciphered to as a point of physical or otherworldly & mystical vitality within the human body.

Picture yourself sitting cross-legged in Lotus posture, the 7 chakras are found on one’s body from the best of one’s head to the base of one’s spine. Each chakra features a particular area and a few one-of-a-kind properties. They also adjust with the physical body, they are not something you'll be able to touch but are something you'll be able to feel and sense.

One thing that most individuals don’t realize is that your chakras fluctuate between being closed or opened. 

A long time ago, I had digestive issues that cutting-edge medication couldn’t handle. Because it turns out, my Manipura chakra was blocked. A blocked chakra can frequently be the cause of wellbeing or passionate issues; in this manner, it is imperative to be cognizant of the sound of each chakra some time recently it gets to be a more genuine or unremitting condition.

Root Chakra

Found at the base of the spine, this chakra is all around being grounded and associated with the universe. Signs of an adjusted root chakra incorporate feeling grounded, having sound kidneys, and missing adrenal issues.

Once you have got set up that you just have a frail or overactive chakra, attempt a combination of these strategies to realign that particular chakra:

  • Apply myrrh or cedarwood essential oils to your wrists or lower back before going to sleep
  • Cook with cloves and marjoram and enjoy these root chakra foods.
  • Meditate with the mantra Lam
  • Concentrate on these positions in your yoga practice: Grounding into feet poses like Mountain Pose, Side-Angle Pose, Warrior Pose, Standing Forward Bend, and Bridge Pose


Found underneath the stomach button, this chakra is related to sexuality, joy, and feelings.

Signs of an adjusted sacral chakra incorporate sound regenerative organs and sex hormones Other signs of sacral chakra wellbeing incorporate feeling inviting, sexual, and fulfilled. It is thought that this chakra is closely related to essential feelings, so the more you're in touch with this chakra, the more you're in touch along with your feelings.

Aligning techniques:

  • Apply jasmine or ylang ylang essential oils first thing in the morning or at night
  • Meditate with the mantra Vam
  • Concentrate on these positions in your yoga practice to Clear the Sacral Chakra: Hip opening poses like Standing Wide Forward Bend, Sitting Wide Forward Bend, Bound Angle Pose, and Supine Bound Angle Pose


Found over the navel, this chakra is related to individual control, fears, and anxiety. Signs of an adjusted chakra incorporate a sound stomach-related framework and adrenal organs.

Aligning techniques:

  • Apply rosemary, ginger, or lemon essential oils to your wrist
  • Drink herbal, preferably decaffeinated, tea with lemon and ginger (this one is my personal favorite!)
  • Meditate with the mantra Ram
  • Concentrate on these positions in your yoga practice: Heat building poses like Sun Salutation and Warrior, backbends like Bow, twists like Half Twist, and of course abdominal strengtheners like Boat Pose


Found within the chest, this chakra relates to cherished feelings and compassion.

-A companion of mine has had a string of chaotic break-ups and not shockingly she has all the signs of a blocked Anahata (or heart chakra). I have shared a few of my clearing procedures, recorded underneath, with her and I am confident that given a little time and work, she will open her heart and be compensated with a sound, cherishing relationship.

Signs of an adjusted chakra incorporate a solid heart, a safe endocrine framework, and great circulation. This chakra is unimaginably touchy to push. Amid periods of tall stretch, attempt a few of these chakra hones to adjust the chakra.

Aligning techniques:

  • Apply rose, bergamot, or thyme essential oils before starting your day to activate this chakra
  • Mediate to the mantra Yam
  • Include these positions in your yoga practice: Chest openers like Camel, Cobra, and Fish. Also breathing exercises like deep breathing and alternate nostril breathing
  • Try this 30-minute yoga routine which focuses on Clearing the Heart Chakra


Found within the throat, this chakra is around communication.

-When you think about this chakra, think about people in your life that will not be able to say what they are considering or feeling. Indeed in case they know in their intellect what they would like to say, they have not. This would be a case of having a closed Vishuddha chakra. Somebody who over-shares might have an unprotected or overly-open chakra.

Signs of an adjusted chakra incorporate solid lungs and respiratory frameworks, and a steady thyroid hormone.

Aligning techniques:

  • Apply eucalyptus essential oil at bedtime
  • Meditate with the mantra Ham
  • Concentrate on these positions in your yoga practice: Fish, Lion, and neck stretches and shoulder openers like Supported Shoulderstand, Camel, Bridge Pose, and Plow Pose


Found between the eyebrows, this chakra is related to your instinct.

Signs of an adjusted Ajna chakra incorporate sound eyes, head, and an in-tune instinct. In expansion, this chakra is closely related to the pineal organ, which secretes melatonin. It is thought that this implies sound, continuous rest that can frequently be found by adjusting your Ajna chakra.

-This is typically one chakra that I work on & continually cultivate. How I work on it is by lighting spearmint or jasmine candles and cooking with parcels of clove and sage. Too, it may be a great pardon to hold my Child’s Posture many profound breaths longer!

Aligning techniques:

  • Apply clary sage, bay, helichrysum, or jasmine essential oils to activate the chakra
  • Cook with bay leaves and mint
  • Meditate with the mantra Om
  • Include these positions in your yoga practice: Child’s Pose and Seated Yoga Mudra


Found in the crown of the head, this chakra is approximately in association with otherworldly attributes. 

Signs of an adjusted crown chakra incorporate a common merry feeling and a solid central anxious framework.

Aligning techniques:

  • Realigning this chakra is best done through mediation.
  • Start adding daily outdoor walks into your routine
  • Apply sandalwood or lotus essential oils to activate this chakra
  • Include these positions in your yoga practice: Balancing poses that bring awareness to the body and the consciousness like Tree and Eagle, also try extended sitting in Yoga Audra



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