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Powerful Chakra Balancing Affirmations for You

By Muhammad Husnain Ijaz May 21, 2021 0 comments

A chakra balance sheet has been used successfully for centuries and has helped many people like you and me achieve outstanding results in our lives. They turned many failures into successes. Because of them, many miracles have occurred in the history of human evolution.


During your spiritual healing process, one of the most effective ways to cleanse, purify and balance the chakras is to use the power of affirmation. Your thoughts will create your reality, and if you practice chakra balance confirmation on a regular basis, you will start to see incredible things. There are some short daily reports in the slide show to the right of the results in life. If you scroll down, you will find the chakra balance sheet that I use every day. 


AT LAST..... 

"Powerful Chakra Balancing Affirmations!"

Using a positive attitude, a technique that turns negative self-talk into more positive things will affect all aspects of your life. Based on my many years of experience in energy therapy, I have also developed a chakra course to help you learn more about these powerful energy centers. By using the Chakra Balance Confirmation Book and this course, you will truly improve your recovery ability.


"The Idea Behind Affirmations Is Pretty Simple"

As we grow older, we often learn to downplay the real mistakes we make, and sometimes even fictitious mistakes. They almost teach us to believe negative things about ourselves or to make negative comparisons with others. I'm sure you have met a lot of people like this. Research shows that after practicing and using affirmative methods, their daily lives have changed a lot.


It is greatly critical to be beyond any doubt that even though these Capable Chakra Adjusting Certifications are exceptionally basic to utilize... you've likely gone through numerous ones before with negative self-image which has, in turn, influenced your chakra framework. I think it would subsequently be outlandish to anticipate the impact of a moment from doing these chakra adjusting assertions.

If you stick to it for a while, with honesty, trust, and belief results will start to happen to turn your life around.


"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless." ~Mother Theresa~

Enjoy the following Affirmations dedicated to each Chakra.

 Root Chakra - Red

As I center on this ruddy light that transmits from my base chakra, I know that I am of great wellbeing and sound intellect. I stand in my quality and in my truth. I pardon myself for dismissing my body within the past. I presently adore each portion of my body, each cell is filled with energy and control. I do not judge my excellent self and I acknowledge my enormity with all that I am. I presently select to have considerations that include to my life, considerations of cherish, kindness, concordance, and peace. I rest in peace, I stir in rapture and I appreciate living! (A profound breath in) I affectionately recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate.


Sacral Chakra- Orange

As I center on this orange light that emanates from my sacral middle, I feel brilliant, lively, and solid. I am able to feel all the positive feelings, I grasp them as they permit me to stand in control, I am able to feel all the negative feelings, sentiments of fear, anxiousness, and question. I genuinely observe them. I acknowledge them as they bring around sentiments of delight, nobility, and peace as they instruct me lessons of development and truth. I am at peace and I affectionately discharge any negatives sentiments that cause me any distress and pain. (A profound breath in) I affectionately recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate.


Solar Plexus Chakra- Yellow

As I center on this yellow light that emanates from my sun powered plexus I am able to see all the individuals in my life. Those from the past, my family, companions, and indeed enemies. I see them in a circle of light, a cherishing, recuperating light. They are really favored in this circle, they are of great wellbeing and sound intellect, they are at peace. And I affectionately discharge all sentiments of any torment that they may have caused me. I forgive them & I am forgiven by them. The more I discharge, the more I cherish, the more I adore, the more I am love! (A profound breath in) I affectionately recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate all that has happened and trust it is for the best. 

Heart Chakra - Green

As I focus on this intense green light that radiates from my heart, I notice the green/pink gem that lay within. I am reminded of the unconditional love that I am! I know that I am worth loving. I am who I am and I am proud of who I am! In this space of love I release from my life anyone that does not bring me joy, I choose to be surrounded by positive, loving and successful people. I love myself more with each breath that I take and I love unconditionally!

(A deep breath in) I lovingly acknowledge, accept and appreciate.

Throat Chakra - Blue

As I center on the brilliant blue light that emanates from my throat. I realize the control of the voice, the control my words exude, and I select to continuously talk in truth. In so doing I permit success to enter my life, my accounts, my otherworldly development, physical and enthusiastic body are all taken care of by the divine energies that grasp my life. (A profound breath in) I affectionately recognize, acknowledge and appreciate.


Third Eye Chakra - Indigo Blue

As I center on the profound indigo-blue color that transmits from my third eye, all negative considerations that attack my intellect are eradicated. I am able to stand in my control, on my exceptionally possed quality of knowledge & trust. I am in a secure space, which permits me to develop and grasp my wonderful life. My future is remarkable! (A profound breath in) I affectionately recognize, acknowledge and appreciate.


Crown Chakra - Violet

As I center on the violet light that transmits from my crown. I feel the solid otherworldly association to my higher self. The divine light is my security, the divine vitality is my power. I AM COMPLETE! (A profound breath in) I affectionately recognize, acknowledge and appreciate.


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