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The Sturgeon Moon, A Time To Go Within

By Spirit Center Guest Author August 19, 2021 0 comments

The Sturgeon Moon, A Time To Go Within 

By Spirit Center Guest Author: Emmet B. Turner 


The next full Moon will occur on Sunday, August 22, 2021, at 8:02 AM ET. This full Moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon. Other names are also Grain Moon, Fruit Moon, and the Green Corn Moon.


This Sturgeon Moon resembles the final days of summer! As we shift into the beginning of harvest season. Not all of us are farmers, yet we can still connect with these changes and cycles of the moon and how they relate to our lives individually. 


With an alert awareness, we'll notice now that the days will begin to look even a bit shorter. As nightfall arrives now slightly earlier in the evening. Which is a great time to bundle up a bit and move inward. 


As this is the last full Moon of the summer, we'll approach harvest season next. Literally for the crops that are growing, and also metaphorically for any work we've done over the summer. This may be that is inner work that we've been doing, be it emotional or self-work. Or this next shift in the moon cycle resembles outer work that we've been producing and offering to the world outwardly. Matching our vibration with the moon cycles, we are approaching the time to where our inner and outer states will be shifting into harvest season. 


As we shift into the Sturgeon Moon we will again have an opportunity to truly witness what is true for us and what is changing for us in our lives. The Sturgeon Moon maps our inner landscape emotionally and allows us all an opportunity to look at our individuality. This full moon gives us heightened emotions which have a focus and theme on individuality. In our self-reflection during this full moon, we can look at what makes us individual, and what individuality means for us. Be it within our friend groups, our social circles, and also within society as a whole. 


The full Moon amplifying this awareness gives us a chance to dive deeper into ourselves. It also allows the authentic seeker to find more of their inner truth. 


This full Moon is a great time to set deep intentions of what we would like to call in for this upcoming cycle. An excellent time to journal, and also a chance to work with any Oregonite Pyramids for introspection and insight, as well as manifestation and what we are calling in for the next harvest moon. 


During the full Moon any work we do with Orgonite Pyramids is drastically amplified. Making this an excellent time for prayer and setting intentions. 


We recommend taking some extra time during this full moon, to sit outside under the moonlight with any crystals and pyramids you have and really go within, in whatever way is true and authentic for you. We'll be doing the same! 




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