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4 Levels of Spiritual Elevation

By Graham Thomas January 02, 2022 0 comments

Regardless of whether we ask or think, bow our heads or bow completely on the floor, we are effectively looking for association with the wellspring of all profound energy. Throughout history surrender has been a large factor, that is.. surrendering to the Divine. A few of us have gone through numerous degrees of progression, and keep on looking for information and development to keep going. Others might be happy where they are and content with the information they've procured up to this point. For those want to keep going... to be able to comprehend the different degrees of profound advancement is to perceive what we've experienced with wisdom and love. This allows us to be able to grasp where we are, what possibly  lies ahead in our future. So that we may prepare as best we can in our development. 

Level 1: The Activation and Revival of the Inner Self

This is the place where the otherworldly way starts. It normally beginnings with a time of being discontent in our lives. We are troubled, disappointed, and yearning for a superior lifestyle choice. This discontent arrives at a level where we have a solitary and without a doubt this encounter stirs up everything. It is unexpected, extreme, and happy. As far as some might be concerned, this can be an "ah-ha" second. It is perhaps for some of us the moment where we fully surrender to the Divine or a higher force, and fully let go to Divine will. For other people, this might be a strict encounter during a ritual or ceremony that was so powerful it popped us into the next level of consciousness and degree of knowing the truth of reality. For other people, it could emerge out of something we read, something we heard,  or even a near death encounter that momentarily brought us to an otherworldliness state where we didn't know what was our imagination or what was true. 

At that point, we are shown a new way and a new understanding. All of which allows us to seek after a superior lifestyle choice, and a craving to serve others. In Sanskit we call this Sattva, which is 1 of the 3 Gunas as described in the Bhagavad Gita. 

Level 2: Refinement and Regeneration of Self

This is the most troublesome stage. It involves chipping away the pointless pieces of our person & psyche through improvement and self-inquire. We need to follow the desire of the Universe and the Tao, and will do so by surrendering our own longings and desires to the desires of the Divine. We are additionally ready to forfeit more to serve others. And a strong desire to serve our higher self. So that every action we take is in service to our highest good and the highest good of humanity. 

As we continue through this stage, we start to accept the idea of separation as an illusion. We see more with regards to our inner selves through self-examination and consideration. We understand that there is more going on than might be expected, and far more than just the gross physical. We attempt to go further inside ourselves to comprehend the true. 

Level 3: Brightening the Inner Flame of the true Self

Here, we start to isolate from the convictions we accepted unconsciously, and foster our own understandings in alignment with the ultimate truth. At this point there is no desire to be like everyone else or the mainstream society, as we know this does not serve us anymore. And we re-situate our lives likewise to be in the highest alignment we can. Rather than zeroing in on what lies outside of ourselves, we turn inwards for profound reflection, as all the answers are found within. Rather than looking towards the sky for our responses, we turn inwards towards that piece of us that is otherworldly energy to track down obvious association. It is there that we realize that all lies deep within the awakened heart.  At this level, we need to investigate the cognizance of the 3D world.

While in this stage, we can briefly dismiss the idea of altruism and the acquiescence of our own objectives. Both of these can be destructive to the 

advancement of true spiritual character. Nonetheless, as we move further into oneself, we re-avow the requirement for character advancement. This confirmation depends on shedding the deceptions of cultural convictions and legends, and once again finding our unique unity. It's not necessary to focus on what we realize, yet regarding what we forget.

Level 4: Merging of Self with the Divine 

At this level, as the observer... is what we the seeker was looking for. We go through a significant change in our reasoning and our character. Basically, we are not generally isolated. We are at one with ourselves and all of life. At this level we experience authentic and enduring harmony and genuine satisfaction We discover an authentic sense of harmony through the absence of inward disturbance that comes from carrying on with life. We accept that at times we are isolated from profound energy. And we are not attached to one way or the other. For we know that are we the Universe. We feel that joy comes from knowing who we truly are and that our joy comes from our inner heart and can be expressed throughout everyday life.

This unification of self likewise brings the agreement that we are not enslaved to otherworldliness, yet are unified with it. In other words, we are in the world but not of the world. We are every one and everything and are all of the pieces of that profound energy. Rather than looking for a power figure outside of ourselves, we see and feel we are the love that we were seeking. And that our connection to the Divine is what fuels our hearts. 

In Conclusion

The unequivocal love that comes from direct association with Divine energy is beyond valuable. We as a whole of humanity pursue it, whether or not we know it. We look for it in having extravagant vehicles, incredible work titles, bunches of cash, prevalence or significant jobs in others' lives. Eventually, we will all find that these are not the actions to take, or material assets to posses... that truly lead us to our actual self-knowing deep within the awakened heart. 

We all have a choice, we can consider to proceed as we were... or start looking for a more profound truth. Choose if it is worth the effort to seek after true serenity, genuine bliss and unlimited love as the main focus of life.

We can at any point arrive at our destination... That is, by effort or by grace. 

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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