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Crystals And Our Chakras

By Graham Thomas January 16, 2022 0 comments

Crystals are very similar to our Chakras. Crystals have a daily expression of vital energy and power that moves through and transmits out of them. They are alive, and they are giving and receiving energy all the time. Just like our Chakra system!

We've discussed energy moving through our Chakras in previous blog posts here at Spirit Center. And it's very similar with crystals as well. Crystals have a remarkable energy signature of life-force energy all on their own. They are generators of pure, raw, energy. This life-force energy inside of us and inside of a crystal is the same. Which is why it is so easy to resonate with certain crystals. That is why it feels so calming and grounding when we're around crystals, because the energy is the same. 

It is important to see how you feel, have you experienced this before? This raw energetic connection with a crystal, sometimes it is even overwhelming. You can tap into this connection, and feel the flow of life force of certain crystals by placing them on or near an energy point on your body. You can build or enhance  the life force of a specific Chakra by doing this as well. 

You can also use crystals as an energetic protection pool. I'll put crystals on in my pocket or in my backpack when I go out. I'll also place them on the table where I am sitting to draw in certain individuals and simultaneously, to disperse negative energy around me. To attract those who I will resonate with strongly. As well as protect myself from energy that I am not wanting to call in or be around at that time.  

Speaking from experience, and my intention for sharing is to inspire others, and to simply share with others what they may not have known is possible yet. Crystals when used and unitized in the right way, can help open our hearts. They help us to focus on the pureness and simplicity of giving and receive love. Crystals help to view reality with sympathy and compassion. 

I have also had experiences with communicating with with angels and light beings through the crown chakra. Crystals help you to see through the murkiness of the mind and whiteness the quiet internal spiritual sight. While also grounding your energy so you can adjust your spiritual path to the highest level. 

All of this is to assist you with connecting you with the life force of your crystals and connecting them to your Chakra energy. Doing this, you can expand the expression of life-force energy in your own being. We must be sure to cleanse our crystals as well, but they are self regenerating over time. Crystals when used in this way, help us in the flourishing of our health, connection to our hearts, abundance, prosperity and Love.

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