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Advantages of Meditation

By Graham Thomas January 23, 2022 0 comments

There have been many studies performed on meditation throughout time attempting to comprehend how it works and what the advantages truly are.  We may know already what it looks like, that it is some person sitting cross legged and not moving. And somehow they are becoming more spiritual? Or somehow this is good for them, and maybe even good for us too if we tried? Well.. it's true.. it is a spiritual practice, and it can help us calm the mind immensely. After some time practicing, the mind becomes quieter and quieter. And eventually is so quiet, that the miraculous begins to happen. 

Studies about the practice of meditation have shown that meditating for a brief time period (of about 25 minutes) allows the brain to slip into alpha waves, which causes us to feel more loose, calm, light and free. While at the same time diminishing our sensations of nervousness, the melancholy of everyday life and an overactive mind. Alpha waves move through cells in the cerebrum's cortex, where we process tangible data. These waves help stifle superfluous or diverting tactile data, permitting and allowing us to center in our own being. The more alpha waves we have, the more we feel that we are in our center.

Beyond the overall feeling of peace and calmness, meditation has numerous medical advantages as well. An expanded capacity to meditation for long periods of time with focus and grace, allows the people who experience pain to facilitate their level of intensity and decrease their pain levels. It can likewise assist with different medical issues including: nervousness, despondency, stress, sleeping disorders. It can also improve the body's resistant to sickness, increasing immune system and make us more averse to becoming ill.

Meditation helps our minds and thoughts also. It helps us to be more likely to act with consideration and presence. This empowers us to calm those pestering negative thoughts we might have now and then. When this aspect of the human experience starts to decrease, we are on the journey back to the heart. We are on the journey back home, the home within. And meditation gives us the opportunity to truly see who we are, or perhaps truly see what we are, which is love. 

Through a daily meditation practice, we increase concentration, spontaneity, creativity, happiness, peace of mind, innovativeness, satisfaction and inner harmony. Meditation can assist us in finding our motivation throughout everyday life. By turning our attention inwards. Because when our attention goes inwards, we are no longer distracted by our external environment. When we are at this point, have a chance to start a new.. with more grace, a clearer mind, and a revitalized spirit. 


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