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An Intro Contemplative Spirituality

By Rhey Ann Maturan April 07, 2022 0 comments

This blog post is for people whose belief is they have the Creator that they called God or someone whose Superior to them that they have to worship and praise that persona. In this blog, we will tackle the ways and methods of practicing Contemplative Spirituality.

What is Contemplative Spirituality? In contemplative spirituality, we practice surrendering to God. We practice the thinking that God knows better than us and that He knows what will be the best for us. One example is when we are praying to connect with Him. So, instead of worrying and asking God what we want God to do, in contemplative prayer practices, we can tell him that whatever His will is for us, we accept that it is what will happen. We teach our bodies, minds, and emotions to be humble before our Creator and allow ourselves to be more like the God who loves us.

So how do we practice Contemplative Spirituality? The first method is called “silent prayer,” a way where you will be sitting peacefully while talking to your God through your mind or your words, like literally speaking with Him. The second one is “Sacred Reading,” a practice of praying Scripture. The third is “breath prayer’’ also known as the Jesus Prayer, a way to pray without ceasing. Fourth is Daily Examen, which means reflecting on the day to see the presence of the holy God, so by reflecting, you will know what mistakes you have made and what is the way to avoid those mistakes again. The last method will be Labyrinth; it is a contemplative prayer while walking on a mini-pilgrimage or a maze-like path. It creates space for us to unwind, think, and reflect on our relationship with God, with ourselves, with one another, and with nature.

As we have learned the meaning of Contemplative Spirituality, you might be interested in doing one of the methods mentioned above, but you might hesitate about where to do it. Picking the place to start with the practices is so simple, and there is no wrong place in doing it. It will all depend on you and your preferences. Just don’t forget that these are prayer practices. And practices usually take time and discipline for these to become a part of your spiritual life.

What’s important is that you choose to start it now. Prayer can be a different form of meditation. To manifest and create your reality, it helps to put these magical requests into the 'ether'. We want to remind our readers that for some, there is no association between religion and prayer/meditation. This is not something that should limit our magical powers as beings.


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