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Finding Inner Peace

By Graham Thomas March 16, 2022 0 comments

Inner peace is an inward strength that has both passionate and natural worth of enormous extents. From it streams genuine satisfaction which does not depend on material gatherings or companion acknowledgment. This is what we call true inner peace. We are all on the journey in one way or another. Either at different times of our lives, or for some of us a majority of our lives. 

We truly need it, this inner peace that so many of us search for. Assuming you do, it will be probably your biggest need in day to day existence, even if maybe you have not thought about it much before. Which is why we wrote this blog post. To share with you a technique that works for us, hoping it will also work for you if it resonates.

What we do, and what we recommend is to make everyday, a designated reflection time for yourself. In general, this is the most troublesome aspect of discovering an authentic sense of inner peace since it implies cutting into the fast paced living style that is normal for western culture. In any case, you can figure out how to take 20 minutes only for yourself consistently each day. A. time to move away from everything, and be in isolation for a short while. You have the right to recharge your internal life, and we recommend to take it! This is so simple, and somehow also so hard too. But with practice this trick of taking time for yourself to do less, really really helps.

During your designated reflection time, ponder on individuals who have helped you in your life, the books that affected you, your companions, and the encounters that gave you significant shifts in your life thus far. Gracefully, take some time to remember all of the easily overlooked details that really created these major shifts in your life. This can be in regards to your wellbeing, home, neighborhood, capacities you have, and general interests. Record all of the details that took place on your journal. You can choose 1 topic per session and really get into it. The goal of this, untimely is to become at peace with the past. To truly accept internally everything that took place in the past. Even the the challenging memories and experiences. Remember not to get stuck there, but rather to visit the past to say thank you to everything that has happened. 

Every day at reflection time, it is important as well to not only reside in the past. Take some time too, or begin your reflection time by recording the things you are appreciative for that happened the other day, or today. Anything they might be. You made a beautiful meal, a close friend called, you had an incredible cup of coffee. What ever happened in your day that you want to take a moment to acknowledge and say thank you! You will benefit truly on the path of inner peace from where this recording of gratitude mentality takes you. And then where you heart also follows too. 

At the end of your designated reflection time, we recommend then to take some time for a 5-15 minute mediation. Pick any structure or practice that you appreciate. The isolation you find in contemplation induces harmony. And this silent time at the end really give a space for your whole being to integrate all of what just took place in your expression in your journal. 

We recommend to try this out! You can start by simple designating 20 minutes total a day (which is the recommended minimum to start). You are invited to make a commitment to your self to set a goal for this, such as to make time for this everyday for one week. And honestly, by then you will already start to notice the benefits and this sense of inner peace & acceptance over take your being. Inner peace may take some work, but does it not sound like a worth wile goal to set out for? 

From Spirit Center, Ommm.

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