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The Power of Gratitude

By Graham Thomas February 20, 2022 0 comments

All through the ages, individuals and seeking souls in each period of time have been keen on the force of appreciation and the power of gratitude. Gratitude holds a high resonance that we can invoke through our thoughts, and then through our feelings. And ultimately embody in our beings! It is easy, and powerful. It is without a doubt a practice. And the more we practice it the easier it becomes and the more powerful this force can be consistent in our lives. 

Gratitude is an expression of love, it is an inner stance of love where we can actively take opportunities to bring our attention and focus to the heart center and back to love. When we actively come back to gratitude, we are also coming back to what is present for us, what is real, and what is valuable in our life. 

Here are some ways to embrace this high vibratory state and embody this level of love within our beings:

1. Write down what you're thankful for in a journal or notebook. 

Take some time where you are alone or have some space to go within, and write down by literally making a list of what you are grateful for. For example, "I'm so blissful and thankful that...(blank) has happened. You fill in the blank. The way this is stated will communicate to your mind to accept and integrate what you are writing as truth. And if you are being honest and authentic with yourself then are communicating with your entire being and anchoring in what is true for you. With this, you bring a sense of gratitude into your entire being. 

2. Verbal affirmations

Whenever you rehearse again and again exactly the same thing, this is integrating into your physiology to "train your mind" into feeling appreciation. For instance, you could repeat a mantra or expression of gratitude as an essential inquiry such as, "I am incredibly grateful for the loved ones in life." Or, "I am grateful for the connection to my heart which is growing daily." These affirmations, mantras, or chants will instill the sensation and vibration of gratitude of affection and security inside you. Say them out loud, speaking the truth. Also, you can repeat them mentally throughout the day. The more you do this, the stronger it will become and the more this vibration will anchor into your being. 

3. Create a vision board

This technique... and I encourage you to try all of them, is a great way to make a physical representation of what is true for you, and what you're grateful for.  A vision board is a way that you can show to yourself what you are grateful for in your life. (Also anything that you want to call into your life). You can find old magazines, use pens or paint and create and express outwardly, what is true for you inwardly. This physical representation of gratitude is a great way to express your true essence of gratitude, and instill it into your life through practice.

Affirmation: "I am grateful for the life I live, and the endless blessings I have received and will continue to receive" 

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