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Vibrational Sound Healing

By Graham Thomas February 28, 2022 0 comments

Consider a vibrational tune that can powerfully affect your feelings and state of consciousness. Sound and music are strong powers in our lives. Envision what may be conceivable if you harness & embrace the ability to make a positive, mending response to the challenges of life for yourself and others through sound.

This is Vibrational Sound Healing, a type of energy mediation and a  vibrational modality that measurably affects the organs and tissues as well as brainwave movement. All of which significantly impacts the manner in which an individual feels and reacts. It is additionally powerful in the body to produce quiet, slow, and non-ordinary states of being and of breathing. Vibrational sound healing lowers circulatory strain in the body, it mitigates the troubles of the mind and diminishes pressure in the energy field. All of which support the capacity to feel safe and nurtured for all participants and facilitators. 

Vibrational Sound Healing is an extraordinary tool & method to successfully upgrade your wellbeing and further develop and embrace heart energy. Truth be told, sound and music can assist you with moving into higher developed states of joy and wellbeing. Frequently, when this state is entered, challenges of the mind are often settled. Allowing the mind to quiet down, and the heart to be in charge. 

Everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates at its own specific rate of recurrence. Assuming that an individual is in torment or feels out of equilibrium it could be on the grounds that their unobtrusive energy framework is hindered in at least one region or energy (chakra point). Aka a blocked chakra. 

These blockages are also associated with portions of the body like organs, muscles, and bones that are vibrating at their typical recurrence. An individual is sound. We are all sound, we are all energy. Utilizing vibrational sound healing, this method and goal of authentic inner healing unravels our beings. The sound healer assists with delivering the correct vibrational sound to the participant and helps in recuperating the equilibrium by making changes in the sound frequency around them. Creating a safe and beautiful space for healing, deep transformation, chakra alignment, and astral journeying. Often times crystal healing bowls are associated with each chakra energy point. 

It's a good idea to be curious about the healing sounds of vibrational healing for increased overall wellbeing, especially if you have never tried it before. I encourage you to check it out and investigate on your own. Whether you simply want to use sound healing for your own meditative and healing practices, or if you are a sound healer already bringing this medicine to the world. 

Sat Chit Ananda. Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. 

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